Carpet shreds are thicker and bigger than GEOPAT® and have an average area of 5 cm². They are made from carpets (mainly from the auto industry) and have a gray/black color.

Owing to the fact that the surface of the chips is larger it provides incredibly high resistance while draining the water at the same time.

Carpet shreds are ideally suited for lunging pens, paddocks and trailing mills. They are also used on riding surfaces for dressage or for mere recreational purposes.

Carpet shreds can be blended with 5 kg per m² with drainage sand or used pure with 10 kg per m².

The great advantage is the fact they do not freeze thus allowing you to put your horses in the paddock or possibly lunge them during the entire winter period.


We always ensure to have stock. Whether or not the carpet shreds will be manufactured for you within the week.

The pure carpet shreds are packed in bales of approx. 150 to 185 kg. Carpet shreds with a plastic layer on one side weigh up to 550 kg per bale.

The delivery time and the unloading method are always discussed with the customer.


The bales of carpet are to be spread manually over the entire arena. This must be done carefully, which is easiest with a pitchfork.

If desired, the chips can be rolled with a steamroller afterwards.


The carpet shreds are shipped to you in pressed bales. Based on his experience, Ivan Peeters has a great command of expert knowledge and is in a position to help you make your selection. You will receive a product complying with highest quality standards. All our carpet shreds are in compliance with environmental legislation and have been tested by OVAM.


Simple words aren't enough to describe the scope of service made available to you by Ivan Peeters because proof can only be furnished after placement of the arena surface. Hundreds of satisfied customers, the international character of our products as well as the GEOPAT® success story are synonymous with our business card while our know-how and experience are our strength... why not benefit from it?


There are two types of carpet shreds on the market:

  • chips with carpet on both sides
  • chips with a layer of plastic or foam on one side

The shreds with a plastic layer come also from the automotive industry and are appropriate as well. Their weight is only much higher, which makes these bales heavier and larger.

Carpet shreds can also be dumped separately from a container, which saves on packaging costs. Therefore the arena must be accessible with a large truck.

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