1. Spreading of the bales
  2. Placing the bales on the riding surface
  3. Manually break open the bales
  4. How to break open GEOPAT®
  5. Carefully spread
  6. First ride with tractor
  7. Carefully mix step by step
  8. Detailed view of mixing process
  9. Mix deep until GEOPAT® is blended with the sand

For the videos about the construction of GEOPAT®: click here.

It is quite easy to blend the GEOPAT® or the fibers in your equestrian arena. After the bales have been placed on the riding surface, you can easily manually break them open.

Afterwards, you have the chips processed by a local contractor or farmer.

A rotary harrow can also be rented at almost every rental center. If you own a tractor, you can actually do all the work yourself, which will not take much of your time. Upon delivery, everything will be carefully explained to you.

If you have any questions, please contact Ivan Peeters on the following telephone number: 0032 475 294741.

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