Ivan Peeters was born in 1971. During his military service he was as fortunate as to make acquaintance with horse training mills. It didn't take long for Ivan to become a steady member of an assembly team who are widely popular all over the world for their installation of horse training mills. At a later stage, GEOPAT® was introduced as an additional product. This actually is a home grown development in which Ivan Peeters played an important rôle.

Ivan specialised in the selection among the different types of sand, the construction of appropriate equestrian surfaces and the search for suitable mixing options. Since his youth, Ivan has had horses ever since, which made it easier for him to choose the right components that are required for a perfect equestrian surface. And now it's up to you to benefit from his know-how. Ivan Peeters would indeed be glad to advise you with your purchase of the right top cover and to help you choose your equestrian surface.

Together with his wife Linda Rutten (born in 1977), Ivan distributes GEOPAT® all over Europe. With hundreds of satisfied customers, where they deliver personally and offer the necessary service.

Linda and Ivan have been distributing Molenkoning horsewalkers all over Belgium for more than 10 years. They manage and follow up the projects from A to Z, from small do-it-yourself kits (DIY) to complete projects. Making non-binding quotes is part of their service, as well as a personal follow-up of every project.

In addition, they became kwown worldwide with "stunt team The Thunderguys", a hobby which had escaped their control. This team is currently at rest because of the great success of GEOPAT® and the horsewalkers.

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