1. How often do I have to groom my arena?

The amount of grooming depends on the use. When the equestrian arena is used intensively, it is best to groom on a daily base.

2. Can any tractor lift such an arena groomer?

For too small tractors with less than 25 hp, it is best to use an arena groomer that is pulled by the tractor on a roll, such as with a shafer, avant or quad.

3. Why is the arena groomer provided with two rows of teeth?

The second row of teeth serves to mix the GEOPAT®, fibers or polyflakes with the sand. As a finishing touch, our customers often don't use the back row, so that after grooming they have a pool table effect with a perfectly smooth and even soil.

4. Can these arena groomers be used for all soils? Also for soils with a high and low tide arena system?

Our arena groomers can serve for most types of soils. Only for an arena with carpet shreds is it a bit more difficult. So then the arena groomer is unnecessary.

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