1. Why is the quality of the chips so important?

Quality is very important for proper functioning and a long service life, as well as for environmental legislation. If there are materials in it that are not environmentally sound or that do not absorb moisture, then you have a problem.

2. Can GEOPAT® be used in all sands?

Not all, but many types of sand are suitable. The correct amount of GEOPAT® or fibers is very important. That is why we are happy to analyze the sand as a service for you.

3. Do I no longer have to water my equestrian arena if I have GEOPAT® in my sand?

Every equestrian arena must be watered in the summer, but the amount of watering is much less when you have a GEOPAT® arena than when you have a normal sandy arena. Water evaporates, but because the GEOPAT® is mixed with the sand, it retains the moisture very well. It's only on the surface that the moisture from the chips evaporates through the sun.

4. How often do I have to spray?

It is better to water regularly for a shorter period than a lot in abundance, because the excess water will disappear into the subsoil. So you better turn on the sprinklers several times a day than, for example, to let the sprinkler system operate for a few hours at night.

5. Can you also supply finalized sand?

We can indeed also offer premix. This sand is already pre-mixed with GEOPAT® or geofibres and even mixed with cofibres is possible. Prices are on request and depend on the transport.

6. Some people have hard shreds, are they also good?

Hard or colored chips are manufactured at a higher temperature. The problem with these chips is that they almost absorb no moisture, making the water disappear into the subsoil immediately after spraying. These chips also do not stick to the sand. They are cheaper, but certainly not better.

7. Which cloth should we use? A root cloth or a geotextile cloth?

A good question, often contractors or customers use a rooting membrane, which is a woven cloth. Due to the pressure of the sand on the fabric, this fabric slows the water permeability. So this is not the best choice. Geotextile fabric is recommended at all times, as this is a non-woven fabric that is water permeable.

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