Cofibres are fibers that are gray/brown colored. These fibres provide higher stability and resistance as well as improved shock absorption.

It is a clean cut material ensuring a stronger fiber structure with a minimum of textile and latex residues.

Often cofibres are used in combination with GEOPAT® or geofibres. Sand mixed with only cofibres can also produce a very good result. Cofibres are ideal to give more strength to lunging and free-jumping arenas .

Compared to GEOPAT®, cofibres only retain 6% moisture, so more watering is required. Cofibres are also called stability fibers or carpet fibers. These fibers are cheaper in price because of their color.


It is necessary that you have a perfect mixture for an ideal structure of your soil. Preferably the blend consists of 2 to 3 kg cofibres per m2 top cover. Cofibres are to be spread over the entire arena, either manually or mechanically. Use a rotary how to have the geotextile product mix with the top surface for a prolonged period. This has to be done cm by cm until the required depth is reached. Then the riding track needs to be sufficiently irrigated with water. Using the right mixing ratio, applying the right product and relying on the assistance of the right person will enable you to obtain maximum dependability and safety in placing your riding surface.


Cofibres are shipped to you in pressed bales. Pay attention to the quality of the geotextile fibers. These should not be too long nor too short. There may not be any particulate matter in the bales (called latex). The bales supplied have a size of approx. 1.10 x 1.15 x 0.75 meters with an average weight of approx. 330 kg.


In many cases people prefer to have their equestrian surface extra strong, this particularly applies to jumping arenas and small paddocks where you have a lot of free jumping action.

In order to provide extra bearing capability and stability to the surface in view of the fact that it has to withstand quite a number of obstacles in a riding course, a certain percentage of fibers has to be added. Cofibres are in this case cheaper in price and easier to process. Unlike fibers, cofibres are not static and will be more easily incorporated into the surface.


In many cases the existing sand is suited to be mixed with geotextile and provides an improvement of the surface. Ivan Peeters will at all times be prepared to check the quality of your sand. Click here to request your sand analysis

Simple words aren't enough to describe the scope of service made available to you by Ivan Peeters because proof can only be furnished after placement of the arena surface. Hundreds of satisfied customers, the international character of our products as well as the GEOPAT® success story are synonymous with our business card while our know-how and experience are our strength... why not benefit from it?



Cofibres are a perfect stabilizer in a horse track. However, you must make sure that these fibers absorb less moisture than GEOPAT® or geofibres.

Cofibres are interesting in price, but retain less moisture. That is why cofibres are often combined with GEOPAT®.

Nevertheless, we can provide the perfect surface with only cofibres, keeping in mind that more watering is necessary in the summer, because water evaporates.

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