Equestrian Surfaces for every budget

A perfect equestrian surface is not necessarily self-evident unless you are on the inside – i.e. you have access to one of the geotextile surface technology engineers. Ivan Peeters belongs to the early pioneers to successfully develop present system which enables certain geotextiles to be mixed with specially selected types of sand. At the beginning it was more or less a matter of trial and error, but in association with renowned companies extraordinary results were achieved before long. We are now talking about 1992 In other words, this means that for over 21 years geotextiles have played an important part as an essential component of equestrian surfaces.

Knowledge through Experience

Over the years, hundreds of surfaces have been placed in Belgium while geotextile engineering was able to spread to other countries too. Along with this success, an enormous and prohibitively expensive know-how was amassed. It is not the geotextiles alone that are important! The types of sand also play an important role. Ivan Peeters not only knows how to place the surface but also what types of geotextiles to choose with the right type of sand.